Winter 2016

Dear All, 


At a time when our country’s identity as we knew it is being challenged, it is important to come together, and to reflect on the enduring resources we share to ensure that we won’t encounter any new hindrances in the currently developing political climate.  As the saying goes, and as history shows, we are stronger when we work together. 

MiShinnah Productions, Inc. is an artists-run organization. Our intention for our work at MiSh is to support artists-to-artists relationships. We work together as a think tank in order to meet the needs of the artists within our network. We work together to promote artists who are hard-working and committed to taking risks. These are the kinds of artists who are engaged in our community.

With the generous support from many of your 100% tax-deductible donations in 2016, MiShinnah Productions, Inc. functioned like a high-power vehicle ensuring the production of two live events. This past April, MiSh co-produced Guggenheim awardee Vicky Shick’s intrinsic dance for seven women Another Spellwhich was positively received by The New York Times, but, even better, this new work by Shick was praised by the New York City dance artists’ community. With co-sponsor assistance from MiSh, composer, musician, and scholar Kevin James presented his new work Guerrilla Fanfare a musical score, which not only creates sound but also moves through an urban landscape throughout the performance. This production was performed as a part of New York City’s Make Music New York festival. For those who have not already witnessed this work, I full-heartedly guarantee doing so now will only make your day. Watch and listen to the piece on Vimeo here.

Other work produced with the support of MiSh donators like you include the completion of not one, but two, full-length films. 

Imitation Girl  employed fifty plus artists and production staff. The film is a narrative. A mysterious young woman materializes in the middle of the southwestern desert, where each step teaches her about her new world and her new body. As she assumes her new life, she discovers she has a twin with whom she shares more than just an outward appearance.

Elise Kermani’s new experimental film Iphigenia: Book of Change. This film is a unique narrative inspired by stories about women who have endured, survived and escaped captivity. Using the Greek figure of Iphigenia as the focal point of the story, it utilizes puppetry, theater, dance, art design, and music. 

A collaboration between MiSh and the Electric Lodge, a performing arts center located in Venice, CA who hosted a 5-week residency in January and February, enabled Kermani and her artistic team to complete her new film Iphigenia: Book of ChangeThe residency was followed by three nights of sold out performances.

Additionally, with MiSh’s support, Agamemnon’s Daughter, a 4-minute excerpt from Iphigenia: Book of Change that you can watch here, premiered in both international and national film festivals this 2016 year. As a part of the AGON International Festival of Archaeological Films, Agamemnon’s Daughter premiered in Athens, Greece this past October. In being able to return to Athens for this film festival, Elise was able to strengthen her relationship with the administrators and audience of this festival, which began when her film JOCASTA premiered there in 2012. Additionally, the first public screening of the full length film Iphigenia: Book of Change took place this November 19 as a part of Filmette Festival, a festival celebrating films running 30 - 60 minutes in length. This event was hosted by Harvestworks in NYC. 

While MiSh’s support of productions for dance, music, and film, happened across America and abroad, hard work persisted in the office. This year we created a quarterly newsletter which is archived on our website. It is in this newsletter that we are able to share with our donors and audience all that we accomplished during a three-month period of the year. This quarterly newsletter will continue in 2017. Additionally, here in the MiSh office, we are delighted to announce that in 2016 we continued to serve as a fiscal sponsor for artists in our community and we plan to continue to provide fiscal sponsorship for artists in 2017. 

We are thrilled to announce that in 2017 we will introduce a social media program #MiShArtists, which will feature on all three of our social media platforms, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, past or current MiShinnah artists. 

Developing our social media presence in 2016 has been key to helping us expand our network. The #MiShArtists program aims to assist supporting artists who have collaborated with MiSh in the past as a way of tapping into the core of our mission. Simultaneously, while supporting our fellow artists, we arrive at the opportunity to grow our community. We look forward to the ways the #MiShArtists program will further expand our presence in the realm of social media, and to welcome more people into our community in 2017. 

Finally, our presence in the world this 2017 will not only be virtual but also live. JUSTICE, a new site specific performance work exploring themes of equality in nature, i.e. sun/moon, day/night, balancing the earth's needs with human technological existence, drawing from ancient Greek and Persian philosophical writings on the subject, will be performed in Riverside Park as a part of NYC’s Make Music New York festival. This festival brings live performance to the streets for all people to enjoy. 

As I hope is obvious, in 2016 our organization expanded across the nation and across international borders. Consequently, we have confidently expanded our audience and strengthened our community. And it is beyond significant to note that this was possible because of the support from donors like you. The engine of MiShinnah Productions, Inc. runs solely thanks to the fuel of our donors.

Now is the time to make your end-of-the-year 100% tax deductible donation.Pledges are encouraged at any size because absolutely no donation is too low! Any amount, starting at $1, will make you a part of this inclusive donor community that is assisting in the production of innovative and collaborative work. Your donation counts because your donation makes a difference. 

All of our best wishes,

Christine, Todd, and Elise
MiShinnah Productions, Inc.