Fall 2016

Greetings, All!

Welcome to the MiShinnah Autumnal 2016 Newsletter! 

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All of us at MiShinnah are very excited for this coming fall season. Our Artistic Director, Elise Kermani, has been busy at Illium Pictures and at Harvestworks all summer, vigorously editing her film Iphigenia: Book of Change. If you visit our Summer 2016 Newsletter it is possible to see images from Elise and company’s 5-week residency at Electric Lodge, and these very images will appear in her film. 

We are thrilled to announce an upcoming screening of Iphigenia: Book of Change. Attendance to this event is through RSVP only. For those interested in attending, please email us at info@mishinnah.org so that we can reserve your seat. Details about exact location and time will be included in our confirmation for RSVP email. 

Gisburg and Kevin at the recording session for the Iphigenia: Book of Change Film at Harvestworks Studio, September, 2016

Other exciting news is that we are very pleased to announce that we will be helping usher Elise off to Athens, Greece this coming October. It is there, as a part of the AGON International Festival of Archaeological Films that Agamemnon’s Daughter, (a 4 minute excerpt from Iphigenia: Book of Change) will experience its world premiere! This trip is very exciting for all of us here at MiShinnah because it demonstrates how our work brings art not only to a national audience but also to an international one. This trip is also exciting because this film screening will be the second time Elise’s work will be hosted by AGON. Elise’s return and continued work with AGON is evidence of an enduring relationship.  

Support for enduring artistic relationships, national and international, is one of the many great services MiShinnah Productions, Inc. works so hard to establish for its artists. Your donations secure the infrastructure necessary to provide resources for MiShinnah’s artists so that national and international artistic relationships can flourish.  

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Wishing you a joyful ride through the bustle brought on by autumn!

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