Summer 2016

Greetings, All!

Here's are some highlights from our 2016 Summer Newsletter

Our 2016 Fiscal Year was plentiful. We ran a two-month-long successful fundraising campaign from November 1st to December 31st, raising our goal of $10k. Thank you to all of our supporters; we cannot do this work without you! And more than that, it is your support that keeps us thriving. MiShinnah is a machine for making art, and your generosity is the fuel igniting it.  

During our upcoming 2017 Fiscal Year, our Artistic Director, Elise Kermani, will screen her film Iphigenia: Book of Change, which is the result of her 5-week residency this past January and February at Electric Lodge, located in Venice, California. Thank you, Electric Lodge for hosting us! We had a brilliant time.

In addition to the screening of Iphigenia, there is more to come in our 2017 Fiscal Year, and get ready, because it is going to be big. The work produced in this coming year will reach far beyond the boundaries of New York City, or of the United States: we are going global.

You can read the full 2016 Summer Newsletter here, and keep an eye out for the Fall Newsletter coming soon! 

Wishing you an adventurous and safe rest of your summer!

MiShinnah Productions, Inc.