Intermedia and sound artist Elise Kermani has presented her work nationally and internationally at venues such as Film Anthology Archives, Apex Gallery, The Kitchen, P.S. 122, Roulette, DiverseWorks, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Film Columbia Festival, Village East Cinemas, Texas Gallery, and festivals in Europe including Turning Sounds in Warsaw, Poland, Fraunkulterfestival in Regensberg, Germany and Hor-Fest in Stainach, Austria.  Kermani has composed several scores for Look Hear Danceincluding Undoing (2003) and Repair (2005), Plum House (2007), Glimpse(2009), Not Entirely Herself (2011) and Everything You See (2013) - traveling and performing in Budapest in 2009 and Dublin in 2010.

In addition to writing scores for dance Kermani has created several audio designs for visual artist Barbara Kilpatrick including Venus Hum, a DVD installation which was installed at the New Arts Program Exhibition in March, 2006, and Keep Sake at the Acram Opera House, in August, 2008. She has created sound scores for Austrian visual artist Evelin Stermitz including Blue House (2009), Silence(2010), Into the Mirror (2011) and Votes for Women (2013). Her work with Stermitz has shown in festivals in the USA, UK, Iran, Portugal, India, Slovenia and Columbia.

Her 2008 film/theatre project JOCASTA is a modern retelling of the Oedipus Cycle filmed on location in an abandoned barn in upstate New York and screened at the AGON international meeting of archeological film in Athens, Greece in May, 2012. Her current performance filmPOE [...and the museum of lost arts] premiered in 2012. Kermani received her PhD in media philosophy from the European Graduate School in 2007 and her book Sonic Soma:Sound, Body and the Origin of the Alphabet, published by Atropos Press in 2009, is available on amazon.com. Currently, she teaches Media Arts and the History and Theory of New Media at SUNY/Empire State College, Center for Distance Learning. She is also the Artistic Director of MiShinnah Productions, a non-profit company dedicated to producing large scale cross-genre art.

Archive: www.elisekermani.com.

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