Imitation Girl is a science-fiction film by Brooklyn-based Illium Pictures’ co-founder Natasha Kermani. As a dreamlike exploration of the female experience, from sensuality to love to heartbreak, Imitation Girl is the story of an alien, IMITATION, who falls to Earth and takes human shape in a woman’s body, JULIANA FOX, an adult film star living in New York City. Only when she meets her twin, a world-weary New Yorker, does either become a complete person – for truly you must find yourself to be complete. The film offers a unique take on the science-fiction genre, pushing against stereotypes, and not relying on heavy special effects or distant worlds, but instead focusing on characters and relationships. We are currently in Post-Production.

Set against starkly contrasted backdrops (New York City and New Mexico), the film draws deeply on cinema verité techniques to integrate the atmosphere and spirit of each character’s environment. 

Our core team is comprised of some of NYC’s most promising talent: Director Natasha Kermani, Cinematographer Travis Tips, Production Designer David Bell, Producer Forrest McClain, and a wonderful cast including Lauren Ashley Carter (The Woman, Jug Face) and Lewis Black (Comedy Central, Inside Out).  

For more information, please visit: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5612564/

Imitation Girl was a fiscally sponsored project of MiShinnah Productions for the pre-production stage of the film.