Our Mission


MiShinnah Productions, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation dedicated to enriching our local communities by bringing art to the public through performances, films, and internet projects created by cross-genre artists. MiShinnah is a concept inspired by the words "mishnah" and "shannah", meaning to repeat the oral book. In other words, to make a tradition.

MiShinnah also refers to the machine for making art. It is our goal to create ideas that challenge the technology that helps us makes art. This technology is the machine and it is an extension of our physical bodies. MiShinnah artists work to transform themselves and others through the process of making their art, establishing a unique American tradition of making art through collaboration.

We are interested in artistic projects that explore the intersections between community, environment, history and education. Join us by becoming an artist member for fiscal sponsorship, a donor, or an audience member. Take a look at our projects and contact us at: info@mishinnah.org. Thank you!