Greetings, All!

Welcome to the MiShinnah Summer 2016 Newsletter!

Our 2016 Fiscal Year was plentiful. We ran a two-month-long successful fundraising campaign from November 1st to December 31st, raising our goal of $10k. Thank you to all of our supporters; we cannot do this work without you! And more than that, it is your support that keeps us thriving. MiShinnah is a machine for making art, and your generosity is the fuel igniting it.  

When is the best time to jump on board for making a 100% tax-deductible donation for our upcoming 2017 Fiscal Year? Now is the time to donate, and you can do so by clicking here. Remember, when you join our constantly growing donation pool, you are stepping in line with a group of people who have already done just as you are about to do. Another way of putting it is that you are joining a strong community of people who believe in the power of making art, who believe in our power for making art.

Now that that’s out of the way, here is some other exciting news. During our upcoming 2017 Fiscal Year, our Artistic Director, Elise Kermani, will screen her film Iphigenia: Book of Change, which is the result of her 5-week residency this past January and February at Electric Lodge, located in Venice, California. Thank you, Electric Lodge for hosting us! We had a brilliant time.

To whet your appetite, here are some photos from our days in residence. These images, taken by photographer Alex Chinnici, feature Elise’s talented collaborators on her work, including dancer Laurel Jenkins, puppeteer Luis Tentindo, and many more. 

Like what you see? Wait until you see the entire film! Stay tuned for the date, location, and time of the screening event where you will not only see a run of the work, but also have the opportunity to interact with its creators via a Q&A panel and reception.

In addition to the screening of Iphigenia, there is more to come in our 2017 Fiscal Year, and get ready, because it is going to be big. The work produced in this coming year will reach far beyond the boundaries of New York City, or of the United States: we are going global.

But, our global plans will be featured in our Fall Newsletter, so you will need to keep a lookout for that. In the meantime, in closing, here are some important words from Elise:

I created MiShinnah in order to create a community where we can support each other, be each other’s ear as we work towards difficult issues. It is necessary currently for artists to work under an organization so that one can create work, because as much as one may wish to do otherwise, it is impossible to make work on your own. Support is invaluable and MiShinnah is here for your support.  

We choose artists by application and nomination. And as Artistic Director of this organization, I work with artists to help them envision their work and make it come to life. Additionally, MiShinnah offers administrative backing and direct grants to artists on a per project basis. Our offer stands for both emerging and mid-career artists.

Interested in finding out more about how MiShinnah can help you make your work come to life? Email us today at and set up an appointment to share your work. We are always seeking new minds to keep our machine for making art running.

Wishing you an adventurous and safe summer!

MiShinnah Productions, Inc.