Todd Lent

Todd Lent earned a B.A. in Music Theory/History, and an M.M. in Music Composition from The Crane School of Music in Potsdam, NY in 2002.  Trained in classical guitar, he is a multi-instrumentalist who incorporates influences and elements from a diverse range of global musical genres into his writing and performance.

Immediately after college, Todd scored or contributed music to a handful of independent films. He has taught private guitar lessons since 1999, and has been prolifically recording solo albums since 2007 under the name Immara. His 15th full-length album was released in October, 2016.   

In 2014 he met Elise Kermani and was hired by MiShinnah Productions. Since then he has collaborated with her on five projects.

2015 - “Iphigenia 2.0” and “Book of Change” - Scored Short Films (Eventually incorporated into her multi-media theater piece Iphigenia: Book of Change.) 

2016 - Vicky Shick’s dance piece "Another Spell" - Contributed Music

2017 - JUSTICE - Composed Music/Sound Source Material and Co-Produced

2017 - Vicky Shick's dance piece "Let it Linger" - Composed Music to be reworked by Elise

In December, 2015, his free-jazz inspired recording “Fire Rites” was selected for inclusion on an international compilation album to raise funds for Phas.e, a London-based platform dedicated to highlighting the undercurrents of sonic studies.

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